Delaware LLC annual reports online

How to file a Delaware LLC annual report

Delaware LLCs do not have franchise tax, but have a very high annual fee of $250. Unfortunately Delaware keeps raising these fees to accommodate for budget shortfalls, and the Delaware LLC takes a big blow. The good news is that Delaware LLCs are easy to file. A member or manager does not have to file the Delaware LLC annual report tax payment. Delaware LLCs do not have to list the members or managers when making the flat rate $250 LLC tax payment.

The only way to pay and file an annual Delaware tax payment is online.

It does not matter whether you are a domestic Delaware LLC or a LLC formed in another state and just registered to do business in Delaware. All LLCs are due June 1st.

There is a $125 late fee if you miss it. Does your Delaware registered agent remind you of these filing dates? We not only send you reminders, but you can always log into your online account and you’ll find filing tips on how to quickly file your Delaware LLC annual tax payment. We also scan the Delaware LLC annual report notices into your online Delaware registered agent account the same day we receive them. We’d like to think we’re the only Delaware registered agent that does this, but it’s hard to say. You never have to wait for the mail or worry if your Delaware LLC notice gets lost. If you have multiple Delaware LLCs you’ll find it very helpful to utilize our resources we provide you to maintain your Delaware LLC annual filings and see which ones are coming up and due.

Here is the link to filing your Delaware LLC annual tax payment:   https://delecorp.delaware.gov/eCorp/LoginAnnualReportsCLF

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