How to Incorporate in Delaware

Incorporating in Delaware

You can incorporate in Delaware yourself and you’ll only pay the State of Delaware’s filing fee, ($89 for a corporation, $90 for an LLC); plus our $45 registered agent fee.

If we help you form your Delaware corporation, we only charge you $45 and that includes custom Delaware articles of incorporation. (We call it a Delaware certificate of incorporation so we can be different than the rest of the country.)

We also include initial resolutions of the Delaware incorporator and Delaware corporate bylaws.

The process normally takes about 8 days. If you need to speed things up, you can opt to pay a $50 fee to get things processed in 24 hours.

There are a few things that you’ll have to do annually to maintain your corporation in Delaware, those are:

  • Annual Report – $50
  • Franchise Tax – $175 minimum / $180,000 maximum
  • Registered Agent – $45 if you stick with us

Many people find that incorporating in Delaware is a good decision for them.  Delaware has some of the strongest courts in the world for business owners, officers, and directors.  We want to help you incorporate in Delaware, whether you do it yourself or hire us.

If you incorporate in Delaware yourself, all you need is our registered agent service.  As soon as you sign up, you’ll find all the Delaware certificate of incorporation forms in your online account, along with the proper procedure outlined to make the filing direct with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

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