Terms and Policy Service Agreement

Service Agreement between A Registered Agent, Inc. and client.

For terms of this agreement, A Registered Agent, Inc. will be referred to as: “ARA”.

The laws of Delaware govern ARA and any agreements with ARA.

This is our standard agreement and pricing schedule. Only the services and descriptions of services that you hire ARA to perform, relate to you. For instance, if you hire us to obtain your federal tax identification number, all items and business procedures relating to registered agent service are not applicable to you.

ARA only uses the information its clients provide verbally, in the clients account, or on an order form to complete the information required on the state forms. ARA does not file its clients personal contact information on state documents, only the statutory minimum information needed. ARA will not give out client’s personal information. ARA does not sell its clients information, nor is ARA for sale itself. ARA will not release information to sales call visits to our office, phone calls, investigators, state and federal employees, etc, unless legally obligated by a court order.

ARA is a service company that tries to provide you with intelligent information derived from state and federal laws. Any information on this website, or expressed by ARA is only an interpretation and opinion. This should in no way be interpreted as legal or professional advice. If you require specific tax, business, legal, or financial advice, you should seek the services of a professional in those areas.

By hiring ARA as its Delaware registered agent, the client agrees to provide ARA with all information required for ARA to meet its registered agent requirements as listed in Title 8, Chapter 1, Subchapter III  and in § 18-104 of the Delaware Corporation and Limited Liability Company Acts.

ARA clients agree to appoint ARA to receive any service of process or official mail on the client’s behalf.

ARA’s statutory representation services are limited to the receipt and forwarding of items covered under the state statutes (Title 8, Chapter 1, Subchapter III  and in § 18-104 ). You may not use our address as a business mailing address for regular mailings such as bills, or correspondence with your customers. We will forward on any important documents we receive on your behalf by uploading the documents into your online account. It is up to you to ensure your provider does not block our notification emails we send about annual reports, service, and any documents we receive on your behalf. If you abuse our address, we charge $20 per piece of forwarded mail. ARA will forward your service of process and any documents by uploading them to your online account. If items are too big to scan into our database, we will forward via regular mail, after scanning the first pages of the document into our database.

ARA does not own the entities it represents, or have any interest in them. Client assumes all liability for items delivered to ARA without an agreement, and client will be held liable for our reasonable per-item fees if we keep receiving official items that client would like forwarded.

When receiving process on behalf of the client, ARA shall in no event be held responsible for any part of the law suit or claim.

Under no circumstances is ARA liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by the use of our services. ARA does not assume any legal, financial, or other liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any official documents prepared and or filed by a client directly with any state.

ARA cannot be held liable to client or any third party for any direct, indirect, special consequential or incidental damages, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, and anything of this matter arising out of the use of ARA’s services.

ARA’s financial liability is limited on all aspects, only to the fees paid to ARA.

ARA cannot warranty or guarantee that its services are complete or error free. If we make a typographical error in our entity filings for you, we will make the correction free of charge. This does not override or change any of the liability disclaimers in this service agreement.

If client hires ARA to do a filing on their behalf, client understands that State filing fees and the State expedite fees are the State charges, not ours. We do not charge extra to expedite a filing. Client understands that if the State fails to process a normal or expedited filing quickly, that the State will not issue us a refund, and in turn, we cannot issue client a refund of State filing fees or expedite fees. Client agrees to not request a refund or dispute charges on clients credit card for filing times.

If Client provides a digital signature, Client agrees that this signature is acceptable for ARA to use as Client’s legal signature when appropriate for work Client has hired ARA to perform.

It is the client’s responsibility to keep ARA up to date of any changes in its address, persons authorized to receive ARA’s notifications, reports, processes and legal matters. Client gives ARA the authority to open it’s mail received and forward on to the address client designates.

Client signing up for service agrees to be responsible for the renewal fee of $45 a year, or to cancel service properly by cancelling company with the State, withdrawing application, or paying the resignation of agent filing fee.

If you have signed up for our incorporation service, and the card holder’s name is not listed as a member, manager or officer of the entity, we may email the primary contact for credit card verification before the filing is submitted to the State. If verification is not received within 30 days, the filing may be cancelled and a refund shall be issued to the card holder minus the $30 refund/cancellation fee.

The following are a list of our few extra fees if needed:

Fees Amount
Returned check fee: $40
Insufficient funds fee: $33
Late fee: $30
Interest: 19%
Research: $80 Per Hour
Excessive forwarding:
* If you’re someone that gets served every day, we can use this pricing.
Usually around 15 services a year would be the cut off for “excessive”.
$25 Per Piece
ANY REFUND/You change your mind fee: $30
Resignation of agent fee: $45
Disputed charges:
* You dispute a charge on your credit card when you forget you hired us as your registered agent.

If client cancels service with ARA, client agrees to provide ARA 60 days notice, and fill out the proper paperwork to dissolve its entity, withdraw from the state, or change its registered agent on clients own, for no cancellation fee, or hire ARA to file the paperwork for you for $150 for dissolution (plus state fees), $30 for change of registered agent plus state fees.

If client is completely unresponsive, ARA will file a resignation of agent after your bill is 70 days overdue. You will be charged the State filing fees for the resignation if there are any, our $45 resignation of agent fee, 1-2 $15 late fees, the prorated monthly registered agent fee rate for the time period we are still acting as agent for you, and the bill will be turned over to a collection company with their additional legally collectable collection fees.

Auto-Pay Election

Our services are billed via an automatic payment feature for Business Renewal and Resident Agent Services unless you choose to opt out within your client account. Clients that opt-out will be invoiced. Customers enrolling in our Virtual Office services must enroll in monthly automatic payments. All accounts using auto-payment must provide us with valid and updated credit card information and when doing so authorize us to charge such credit card for all purchased services and applicable fees that come about during the duration of all initial service terms, and any following renewal term(s).

Specifics Regarding Auto-Pay Features

  • All auto-payments will be charged to the credit/debit card on file for the business entity or person. It is the responsibility of the user to keep their card information current and valid or possibly be subject the stipulations outlined below.
  • All auto-payment charges will be preceded by a notification to your online account notifying the user of the impending charge at least 3 days before the charge date.
  • Annual renewals will be automatically charged for one year after the initial charge date unless services are canceled or Auto-pay is opted out of within five days of the next charge date.
  • Virtual Office subscribers must use our auto-payment feature and all accounts will be charged every 30 days following the initial charge.
  • All Auto-Payments services must be canceled at least 3 days before the next charge date to avoid paying for the next month of subscription service, or year of annual service. All cancellations are handled through the user’s online account for security purposes.
  • Annual auto-pay charges that fail to process will be rendered an unpaid invoice in the user’s online account and subject to all fees and procedures outlined in this agreement.
  • Subscription or monthly auto-pay charges that fail to process will result in the cancellation of all Virtual Office services and features.


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