About A Registered Agent, Inc.

A Registered Agent, Inc., also known as Delaware Corporate Headquarters, began as a one-person operation out of a private home in Delaware. We’ve since grown to support hundreds of businesses, both local and out-of-state, from our very own building “On the Green” in Dover.

As Delaware registered agents, we live and work right here in Delaware. That might seem obvious, but most companies with filing services in Delaware are based elsewhere. In fact, their services are spread out across the US, so their knowledge of Delaware filing services is pretty weak. We specialize in our state and work closely with the Division of Corporations every day.

We have the experience, authority and expertise to serve your business needs.

The building we own in Dover, DE.

Why Choose  A Registered Agent, Inc.

People trust us with their business filings because we’re experts in our state.

When you hire A Registered Agent, Inc., you get local experts. We know our state, but—more importantly—we know how to cut through all the fat and give you what you really want: fast, simple and affordable services. Our services don’t include hidden costs or unnecessary fees, just straightforward products at an affordable rate.

Running a business is hard enough. Taking care of business should be easy.

“In short, their service made incorporating much easier than I ever thought it would be. They’ve managed to streamline the process so that aside from making the decisions they prompt me to make, there’s not much left for me to do!”

Noel Briggs

“It’s nice to know that when I paid for a registered agent to handle my LLC filing and management, there are professionals like Mckenzie who will answer the phone and are always willing to help.”

Theresa V.

There are plenty of reasons people choose to form a business in Delaware, and it isn’t because people are moving here in droves. (If they are, we haven’t seen them.) Point is: we’re here in Delaware, so you don’t have to be.

Data Protection

You don’t want anyone telling you how to run your business, and for good reason: it’s your business. We get it. As local registered agents, we sign our names, forward your legal notices—we can even form your company. But we stay out of your business, and try to make sure others do, too.

National filing services will pester you with ads and offers long after you’ve paid for services. They also sell your data to third-party vendors who do the same. We don’t play that game. When you hire A Registered Agent, Inc., your information stays with us. Full stop.


We offer the best service for the best price. For instance, our $184 LLC formation service includes the state fee of $110, registered agent service at $29, and our formation fee of only $45.

National sites promote low prices, but they’ll gouge you at check-out with mandatory costs and unnecessary add-ons, or they’ll hit you with steep renewal fees a year from now. We don’t believe in needless extras, and we don’t believe in randomly increasing fees. Our prices are low and that’s where they’ll stay.

One-Stop-Shop for Business Formation and Compliance

Our services cover everything you need to form your business AND keep you up to date with necessary state filings for the lifespan of your company. We can help you:

We’re available to answer questions and help guide you through the steps you need to take to keep your business in good standing.

Learn About Our Services

Owning our building allows us to provide services you won’t get from our competitors, such as:

  • Delaware Business Address: Included with registered agent service
    Use of our local registered agent address on your formation filings.
  • Phone Service: $9/month
    Delaware VoIP phone number with SMS text, talk, call forwarding, and voicemail.
  • Mail Forwarding: $49/year
    Unique suite number in our building and 10 mail scans a year.
  • Mail Forwarding: $99/year
    Unique suite number in our building and 25 mail scans a year.
  • Virtual Office: $19/month
    Unlimited scans, unique suite number, phone service & office lease in our building.
Delaware registered agent office building