Delaware Corporate Book & Seal Kit

A corporate book and seal gives your Delaware corporation or Delaware LLC a way to organize and brand your business documents. When you form your business with A Registered Agent, Inc. you can purchase these corporate supplies through your online account. Here’s what you get:

Corporate Book ($60):

  • Synthetic, black leather ½” zip binder
  • 20 corporate stock/unit certificates
  • Stock transfer ledger
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Meeting minutes packet
  • Annual shareholder meeting notice
  • Initial shareholder meeting waiver
  • Corporate ledgers
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Labels

Corporate Book for LLC ($60):

  • Synthetic, black leather ½” zip binder
  • Initial and annual meeting minutes
  • Certificate of formation
  • LLC operating agreement
  • 20 custom membership interest certificates
  • Membership transfer ledgers
  • Initial member meeting minutes
  • Waiver of initial meeting
  • Annual meeting minutes
  • Initial resolutions
  • Labels
A corporate book for storing all your corporate documents.

Corporate Seal ($40):

  • Laser engraved
  • Customized to match your business
Corporate embossing seal

Delaware Corporate Book & Seal: FAQ

How do I get a corporate book and seal?

There are a couple ways to get your corporate book and seal:

  • If you’re forming a new company with A Registered Agent, Inc., “Corporate Book & Seal” is an Optional Item you may add to your order at checkout.
  • If you’ve already formed your company with us, go into your online account, click “Hire Us” at the top of the page, select your company name, then select “Corporate Supplies” and choose the items you’d like.

What is a corporate book and seal?

A corporate book is a place to store official business records, like your certificate of incorporation, corporate stock certificates, meeting minutes, and more. For accounting and tax purposes, it’s important to keep all your corporate records in one place. In addition to storing your formation documents, you’ll probably want to add tax returns, auditor’s letters, and even budgets.

A corporate seal—often in the form of a stamp—acts like a brand for your business. Corporate seals are added to physical documents to indicate a document’s importance. Our corporate seal kit comes with a large roll of gold stickers and embosser so can create several corporate seals imprinted with your company name, year of formation, and the state in which you incorporated.

Is a corporate seal required in Delaware?

According to 8 DE Code § 122, Delaware corporations have the power to use a corporate seal—but it’s not required. However, adding a corporate seal to physical business documents like stock certificates or meeting minutes is a standard way of legitimizing business forms.

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