Delaware Business Presence

Our Delaware Business Presence packages give you everything you need to establish your online presence, including the following:

  1. Your choice Domain Name
  2. Easy-to-personalize Website
  3. SSL Security for your website
  4. Up to 10 Email Addresses for your domain
  5. Local Phone Number & Service

One of the most important business decisions you can make for your company is to secure your online presence. We’ll go over everything you need to know about each of our services, as well as why having an online business presence matters.

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The Importance of an Online Business Presence

Getting your business online gives you instant access to thousands (if not millions) of customers—the potential is too good to pass up. For a tiny fraction of what you might otherwise spend on traditional advertising or a physical storefront, you’ll get:

  • A place where customers can learn more about what you do
  • Space to promote your business with text, pictures and/or videos
  • The ability to sell your products and/or services instantly

More than that, you’ll be searchable. In today’s word, people who hear about your business will probably try to find your Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation online, and if you don’t have a web presence, your business is virtually non-existent.

Why Your Online Presence Matters

Many companies will sell you the
ingredients you need to get your business online…
But you’d have shop around to get them all.

A better option?

Get everything you need from ONE place.

Domain + Website + SSL + Email + Phone = $28.80/month*

*Plus $25/year for your domain name (or more if you choose a high-value domain or TLD).

Our Delaware Business Presence Package

We’ve got everything you need to get online quickly and—better yet—affordably. But, what is all this stuff? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert. Our customer service team will give you a call shortly after you sign up to walk you through the whole process. You’ll be shown how to:

  • Access your online account
  • Select your domain name
  • Create an email address (connected to your new domain)
  • Navigate and edit your new website
  • Set up your new phone number

In the meantime, here’s some basic background info:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Website
  3. SSL Security
  4. Email Addresses
  5. Phone Number and Service

1. Domain Name

The easiest way to think of a domain name is to imagine it like an individual street address within the world wide web. Like a street address, your domain name is just a string of characters (usually letters) that identify a particular space.

For example, our domain name is “” Think of it like a plot of land. When you buy a domain name, you reserve a plot of land on the internet. Want to do something with your plot of land? You’ll need a website for that.

Is a domain name the same as a URL?

You may be more familiar with the term URL, which is the string of letters and numbers (sometimes very long) that directs you to a specific web page. A domain name is similar to a URL, but it encompasses an entire website instead of a single page.

For example, our domain name is “” But right now you’re on one, specific page within our website, which has the unique URL “” In other words, a domain name is a huge plot of land, and URLs are the individual parcels that land can get divided into.

How do I choose a domain name?

There are two parts to a domain that you’ll have to consider:

  1. Domain
    The main part of your domain name is simply referred to as the domain. This is the unique word or phrase you choose to represent your business, and it’s probably what you think of first when you recall the name of a website. For example, when it comes to our domain name (“”), the domain itself would be “delawareregisteredagent.”
  2. TLD
    TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, and it’s the suffix at the end of your domain (like “.com,” or “.net”). When purchasing a domain name, you also have to select a top-level domain. Some companies choose to have specialized TLDs, like “.shop” or “.fish.” While you can choose a specialized TLD for your business, you’ll probably have to pay more.

What if I already have a domain name?

No problem! To benefit from our affordable hosting service (and get all your web services under one roof), you can easily transfer your existing domain to us—for FREE.

Who sets the price of domains?

TLDs are regulated by a global nonprofit called ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and sold on an open market run by domain name registrars. Because ICANN limits the number of specialized TLDs, these often end up being much pricier than your standard “.com.”

When you get your domain name with us, we cover the first year of registration up to $25! This is enough to cover the cost of most standard TLDs.

When I buy a domain, will my personal information be part of ICANN’s public database?

Not if you get your domain name with us! We offer privacy services so your domain name will be registered under our name, not yours.

2. Website

If your domain name is your address, then your website is your home: it’s what people see when they pull up to your address. This is the fun part of having a web presence, because your website is where you get to put all the information about your business, plus pictures and even videos that show potential customers what your company is all about.

Do I have to create my website myself?

Not entirely! When you get your website with us, we give you an easy-to-use WordPress site with a pre-built template that includes: Homepage, About Us, and Contact. You don’t have to go wild with web design, but you can if you like! Either way, you’ll certainly be able to customize the site by adding your own words and images to brand the space as your own.

What do I need to make a website?

You’ll need to know basic information about your business, such as your business name and business purpose. You don’t necessarily need anything more than that at first. (You can always add more information later.) But if you want to make sure you have a marketing plan in place, here’s a comprehensive list of items to consider for your site:

  • Business name
  • Business purpose or mission
  • List of products and/or services
  • Origin story (including length of time in the industry or your own background / expertise)
  • Contact information*
  • Business hours (if applicable)
  • Color scheme and/or logo for your business

*NOTE: If you operate a home-based business, you can protect your privacy by getting a professional business address from us!

3. SSL Security

The easiest way to think of an SSL security certificate is to imagine it like a padlock on a safe. Your website might collect important information (especially if you conduct online sales), which typically gets stored on the back end of your site, away from the public view. Like a bank safe, it’s behind the service counter and inaccessible to the public. But what if that safe doesn’t have a lock? Then it’s much easier for someone to go in and swipe what you thought you’d been protecting.

Basically: If all the data you store on your site is like the money in a bank safe, SSL security is the lock that keeps it protected.

How do I know if a website has SSL security or not?

These days, most websites have an SSL security certificate. In fact, you’ll probably see a pop-up window that tells you when a site is not secure. But you can also tell whether a website it secure or not by looking at its URL. A secure site’s URL will begin with “https” (the “s” stands for secure). A website that doesn’t have SSL security will simply start with “http.”

4. Email Addresses

Getting a business email address makes your interaction with clients, customers and business partners much more professional. Plus, it’ll easily divide your work email from your personal email. Win-win!

Our email services gives you up to 10 individualized email addresses that are directly tied to your domain name. For example, if your your domain name is, you could create an email address for [email protected]. Does your business have an accounting department? You can also create an email address for [email protected].

5. Phone Number & Service

Not everything happens through email. Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone and have an old-fashioned discussion. In lieu of making business calls on your personal device, we give you a business phone line (with a Delaware area code!) so you can conduct your business separate from your personal life. The best part? This phone number can be accessed through your personal device using our Phone App (compatible with Android or iOS). Just download the app onto your phone, then use your business phone line just as you would your regular phone, without having to add another device to your phone plan.

What it All Costs

Let us break it down for you:



(with Delaware Business Presence)

Domain Name

FREE for one year!

Then just $25+/year after that.

FREE for one year!

Then just $25+/year after that.


FREE for 90 days!

Then $9/month after that.

FREE for 90 days!

Then $7.20/month after that.

SSL Security

Email Address

Phone Line & Service


$36/month* $28.80/month*

*Plus a low annual fee of $25/year, after the first year. (Your domain is FREE for the first year, up to $25.)

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