Delaware Business Address

A Delaware business address is a powerful tool. The address you choose to represent your company can help your business:

  • protect your personal data
  • keep a professional image
  • simplify your paperwork

You automatically get a professional address for your business’s state and legal mail when you hire us as your Delaware Registered Agent. Unlike other registered agent services, we also throw in three pieces of regular mail, completely FREE. If you’d like to receive more mail than that, you can upgrade to any of our Mail Forwarding services any time.

Our Delaware Registered Agent office building.
This is the actual building we own.

Unlike many of our competitors, we own our building here in Dover, DE, which means our address is stable and secure. Check out our Mail Forwarding options below.

Standard Mail
Deluxe Mail
Virtual Office
3 scans / year+10 scans / year+25 scans / yearUnlimited Scans
Secure Online AccountSecure Online AccountSecure Online AccountSecure Online Account
Same-Day Mail ScansSame-Day Mail ScansSame-Day Mail ScansSame-Day Mail Scans
Accessible AnywhereAccessible AnywhereAccessible AnywhereAccessible Anywhere
Phone Service
(90-Day Free Trial)
Phone Service
(90-Day Free Trial)
Phone Service
(90-Day Free Trial)
Phone Service
 Unique Suite NumberUnique Suite NumberUnique Suite Number
   Option to Rent Meeting Rooms
   Official Office Lease
FREE*$49 / year$99 / year$19 / month
*Our Delaware Registered Agent Service comes with 3 FREE scans of regular business mail per year. That’s on top of all of your company’s state and legal mail.

What is a Delaware Business Address?

A Delaware business address has two different meanings:

  1. Your registered agent address: the only address required on company formation documents (LLCs and corporations) is your registered agent’s address. To everyone who looks up your company in the state database, your business address is essentially the address of your Delaware registered agent.
  2. Your local business address: this is simply the address of where your business is located in Delaware. You do not need a physical address in Delaware to own a Delaware company. In fact, it’s likely that most businesses in Delaware do not have a physical address in our state.

At A Registered Agent Inc, we can provide you with a registered agent address with our Registered Agent Service. And we can provide a local business address with a unique suite number for receiving mail and listing on your website, business cards and more with our Mail Forwarding Services. Need a local office lease or a place to rent to meet clients?  We can provide that as well with our Virtual Office Service.

Plus, the addresses we provide are located in the corporate heart of Delaware, across the street from the Court of Chancery and a couple blocks from the Delaware Division of Corporations. It doesn’t get any more professional than that.

Delaware Business Address Advantages

Delaware is one of the best states to form a business. When you form a business in Delaware, requirements for personal information are minimal. On public formation documents, you’re only required to list one address—that of your registered agent. Essentially, your registered agent address is the public address of your company. When you hire us to serve as your Delaware registered agent, our address goes on your public documents.

Why not use your own personal address?

If you live in Delaware and plan to camp out in your home or office during regular business hours into perpetuity, you could serve as your own registered agent and list your own address on public documents. But our state makes it easy for businesses to maintain a level of personal security. Why throw that away by publicly listing your personal address? Why should any nosy busybody or competitor know where you live? Hire us and use our address on your public documents instead of yours.

Live outside of Delaware? Thanks to nonresident tax advantages and strong, reliable business laws, the majority of businesses formed in Delaware are formed by people living outside our state. Nonresidents, however, must appoint a local registered agent with a registered office in Delaware. Hire us, and that’s our address on your public documents. And our address isn’t some fly-by-night apartment in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. We not only own our own building—our building is in one of the most prestigious professional areas of the capital, on “The Green.”

To put it simply, hiring us as your Delaware registered agent for $29 a year isn’t just an easy way to fulfill a state requirement. It’s an opportunity to better maintain your personal security and professional appearance.

Delaware Address for Business Mail

As your registered agent, we accept state notifications and legal mail at our address and scan them to your account immediately at no additional charge. Even if your service of process is inches thick.

But what about regular business mail? And what if you need more of the services connected to maintaining a strong business presence in Delaware, such as a local phone number or the option to rent meeting space? For those who need a little more, we offer mail forwarding and virtual office services.


With our Delaware mail forwarding service, you get a unique suite number in our building, in our prestigious address on The Green. You can use this business address for your website, clients, business cards, or whatever you need. For occasional mail, we offer 10 pieces forwarded for just $49/year or 25 pieces for $99/year.

Need unlimited mail forwarding? Check out our virtual office service.


Our Delaware virtual office service offers unlimited mail forwarding to a unique suite number in our building. Choose between open and scan service or traditional forwarding (each $19/month).

On top of unlimited mail forwarding, when you sign up for virtual office, you receive many more business office services as well. We give you a Delaware 302 phone number that automatically forwards calls to another number you provide. We also provide an office lease and the option to rent conference rooms or meeting spaces for occasional use.

Whether your Delaware business address needs include registered agent, mail forwarding or virtual office services, we have you covered.