How to Change Delaware Registered Agents

How to Appoint Us as Your Registered Agent in Delaware

It is super easy and simple to change registered agents in Delaware.

If you are paying your current DE registered agent a lot of money, you can easily change to us and it will only cost you our $29 a year service fee.

Steps to Changing Registered Agents in Delaware

  1. Hire a New Delaware Registered Agent

    If you to hire us as your new registered agent, simply sign up for our service at the bottom of this page.

  2. File the Change of Agent form with the DE Division of Corporations

    There are different forms for each entity type, such as an LLC, Corporation, LP, LLP, etc. Type your business name exactly as it appears in the Division of Corporations’ records and enter your new registered agent information. If you’ve hired us, inside your online account, you will find the “Change of Agent” forms you file with the Delaware Division of Corporations. We have every form, pre-filled out with our information on them. You just have to type in your business name, print it out, sign it, and send it into the State of Delaware. You can submit your document online as well at

  3. Pay the Filing Fee

    The State of Delaware requires a $50 filing fee for Change of Agent form. Enter your credit card information on the fax coversheet, or you can mail the one page Change of Agent form to the Division of Corporations with a check attached.

Delaware Change of Agent Fees and Costs:

The Delaware Division of Corporations charges a $50 filing fee to change registered agents. The change of agent process will take about 1 to 3 weeks unless you pay a $100 expedite fee, in which case, the Division of Corporations will complete the filing in a day.

Even with paying the $50 change of agent filing fee to the state, our clients realize significant savings long term, because our fee is only $29 a year for Delaware Registered Agent Service.

How Do I Confirm the Change of Agent Process is Complete?

You can do a simple name search on yourself, and you’ll see once the state changes the agent to us: Delaware Name Search.

We tell our clients to simply print out a screenshot of the Delaware Corporations website showing us as your changed Delaware registered agent and send that into your current agent with a note telling them you wish to cancel their service. Then your old, overpriced registered agent can see that you’ve actually already changed, and they shouldn’t have anything more to invoice you for.

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