Do I Need to Have All my Mail Go to a Delaware Business Mail Address?

No, most people that form a company in Delaware do not have all their mail go to a Delaware address.

If you need all your mail to come to our address, you can pay for our Delaware mail forwarding or Delaware virtual office services. We offer a $49 package (10 documents a year), a $99 package (25 documents a year), or unlimited document scans for $19 a month. Whichever package you choose, we’ll scan your mail into your online account and send you an email reminder. With mail forwarding, you’ll get a unique suite number connected to our registered agent address to add to the legitimacy of what you’re trying to do.

The only times people really need to have all their mail go to a Delaware business mail address is if they are seriously trying to hide their business from a tax heavy state like California, New York, New Jersey, etc.

The big misconception that people get is that they are going to completely avoid taxes by forming a Delaware LLC or Delaware corporation. If you’re a resident of California or New York, you are still going to owe personal income tax to that state. So if you pull money down to yourself, it will get taxed personally. The only real option is to have a C corporation election with the IRS and keep the money taxed corporately. But paying C corporation taxes are higher percentages than personal income tax. And the other thing people don’t realize is that if you claim to be a 100% Delaware company, you’ll owe corporate tax to Delaware. Delaware taxes the living daylights out of businesses that operate here. Our taxes completely suck. It’s amazing how many taxes there are in Delaware for companies actually operating here. You might just be better in the long run to form in Delaware, have your mail go to wherever you actually are, and pay taxes there too.

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