How to Get Mail for a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation

Mail for a Delaware Business

We get asked often about mail forwarding for a Delaware LLC or Delaware corporation. We own our own building here in the capital, and we can help you with a wide range of Delaware business address needs.

When you hire us as your registered agent, you can list our address as the principal address for your company on public documents filed with the Delaware Division of Corporations. We accept your legal mail and state notifications.

We don’t care if you list our address as the principal address for your company on the public documents that are filed with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

You should have all your regular mail just come to wherever you are at though. There’s no need for you to actually have all your mail sent to a Delaware address. There are a lot of services that make their money by upselling you additional services. We make our money off the $29 a year DE registered agent service. If you get your mail at your old Delaware registered agents address, you do not actually need to update anything with the state when you change registered agents to us. The state doesn’t actually track your “Principal” business address. You can just update your address with whomever is sending mail to your old registered agent address.

To assist you with your needs for business mail and Delaware business presence, we offer Delaware mail forwarding and Delaware virtual office services. You can choose from three options:

  • 10 documents – $49/year
  • 25 documents – $99/year
  • Unlimited documents – $19/month

We provide a unique suite number, so that you will actually have our address as your registered agent address and you will be able to list a different Delaware address as your “Business” address. For the benefit of our clients, we do not actually list that address publicly on the web so it is not known as a mail drop type of address.

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