How to Revive a Delaware Limited Liability Company

Revival of a Delaware LLC

To revive a Delaware LLC, you just have to file a certificate of revival of Delaware limited liability company form.

The form costs $169 and is in your online account at all times. You mail it into the Delaware Division of Corporations at 401 Federal Street, STE 4 Dover, DE 19901. You can fax this in as well.

You must make sure all your Delaware annual LLC taxes have been paid (the $300 a year annual tax). The state will not process your revival if you owe DE LLC tax.

The following terms are used by the Delaware Division of Corporations:

  • Void – You didn’t pay your Delaware LLC taxes.
  • Forfeited – You didn’t keep a DE registered agent or your DE registered agent resigned.
  • Cancelled – You dissolved your Delaware LLC.

So in summary if you’re looking to revive your Delaware LLC you:

  • Hire us as your new Delaware registered agent.
  • Pay your taxes if owe any to Delaware. The link is in your online account.
  • File the revival form with the state.
  • For more on how to file your Delaware franchise tax: How to file your Delaware Franchise Tax.

That’s basically it.

After a few weeks, you can call back into the Delaware Division of Corporations and ask if they’ve filed it. They probably won’t have done it… Be patient. The state purposely goes slow to try to get you to pay the $75 expedite fee to get it done in 3-5 days. You can always include a Fedex account number and the DE Division of Corporations will overnight the filed Delaware LLC revival back to you, but they WON’T fax it back no matter how nicely you ask. The real racket is that the state charges you to find out your status. So you can’t just look it up online. But you can work the system a little. If you call in and ask if it’s in good standing or if it’s been filed yet they will slip up and tell you without charging you to find out your status.

No matter how you slice it, you’ll need a Delaware registered agent. We only charge you $29 a year to be your registered agent and we send you great reminders to file your Delaware LLC annual tax payment so hopefully you won’t fall out of good standing again!