Revive A Delaware Company

What if my company is not in good standing?

If your company is not in good standing, you do not need to pay your Delaware registered agent a bunch of money to revive your Delaware company and get you in good standing.

Simply look up your Delaware company and then call the Delaware Division of Corporations and ask how much you owe to get your company in good standing.

Quite often you’ll need to change your registered agent at the same time or re-appoint a registered agent to your company because they resigned. This is simple and can be done on the actual re-instatement form our clients find inside their online account. So here’s the super simple process to reinstate or revive your Delaware company and not overpay your agent:

  • Call the DE Division of Corporations at: 302-739-3073 option 2. Ask how much it will cost to pay up your back fees and get in good standing again.
  • Sign up for our registered agent service here: Delaware registered agent service sign up.
    The reinstatement form is in your online account. Use the fax filing cover sheet in your online account, fill out the credit card information, and then either fax or mail it to the Delaware Division of Corporations with payment for the total fee they tell you. You can pay the extra $100 if you want them to process it in 3-5 days.
  • You can do a status name search here: Delaware Division of Corporations Name Search.
    Then if you need to order a certificate of good standing you can do so here: certificate of good standing.

That’s basically it. Delaware just wants your money, so they actually try to make it fairly easy to reinstate.

If you’d like to save some money though, you should just form a new company and tell the state to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine for charging you all those crazy back fees. You can just sign up for a new company below if you’d like to save some money: