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The Delaware Division of Corporations allows you to take a business name that is already established under a different ending. Meaning that if you want the name Delaware Calculator Repair Service, Inc. and Delaware Calculator Repair Service, LLC has been established already, you can take the name. It’s probably a good idea to have a Delaware registered agent you can trust if you decide to go that route since you will probably get sued, but a lot of times, people have generic names that aren’t federally trademarked and just happen to both be formed in DE. This may be the case if the companies were called: Calculator Repair Service, Inc. and this company did work in Georgia, while a person in New York wanted to start a calculator repair company, he could get the name Calculator Repair Service, LLC and use it in New York and the odds are that he would never run into trouble with the Georgia person. This can be a benefit and a downfall.

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You can actually reserve the name at the same time, but if you’re hiring someone like us to incorporate your Delaware corporation or form your Delaware LLC, we’ll get the name reserved when we file the paperwork for you. The name reservation you get online actually slows down the process for us.

When you sign up with us, we’ll get your new company filed the same day and that is even better and cheaper than actually reserving the name online.

If you do reserve the name online, we need the entire printout you get showing the payment and confirmation in order to make the filing for you.