Delaware Nominee Service

We often get asked about nominee services for a Delaware LLC or Delaware corporation. Most of the time this request comes from someone living in a country with an oppressive government which may have the right to seize its citizens’ assets and funds. It’s when we hear horror stories of what other people go through in their home countries that we don’t really feel that bad about our high taxes…(At least for a few minutes!)

Delaware nominee services are not really necessary with a Delaware LLC. You can opt to use our address on the filing and members and managers are not required to be listed on the public documents. So don’t waste a bunch of your money paying someone to be a nominee listed for a Delaware LLC. We don’t have to file the Delaware certificate of formation with members or managers info on it. If you do a Delaware business entity search, you won’t find much of any info on your Delaware LLC. Someone could buy a certified copy of the certificate of formation, but they would have to pay Delaware for this, and then all they would see is our name as the organizer.

Delaware corporations are not required to list the officers and directors on the public documents, and really, if they were, someone would have to buy records from the state of Delaware to see who the officers and directors of the Delaware corporation are. Shareholder information of the Delaware corporation is not recorded with the Delaware Corporations Division. In doing a name search, you will not be able to see who the officers, directors, or shareholders of a Delaware corporation are. So you probably don’t need a nominee for a Delaware corporation either.

We do not do Delaware nominee services of any type. Frankly, the whole thing is sketchy. If you list a nominee, you are giving them authority to do whatever they want with your Delaware company. Hiring someone as your nominee of a Delaware LLC is pointless and hiring someone to be nominee officers and directors of your Delaware corporation is not a good idea.