Local Delaware Registered Agent

Only $29 A Year - Our Price Never Changes

High-Quality Registered Agent Service
At The Most Affordable Rate

High-Quality Registered Agent Service At The Most Affordable Rate

Don’t overpay by choosing a large national company to be your Registered Agent. They offer cheap business formation but then will overcharge you for Registered Agent Services in order to rip you off in the long run. They will even hide this from you by giving you a cheaper price the first year, then switching it to be more expensive afterwards.

Our Price That Never Changes $29 Per Year
northwestregisteredagent.com $125 Per Year
legalzoom.com $249 Per Year
incfile.com $119 Per Year
zenbusiness.com $199 Per Year
swyftfilings.com $199 Per Year


Why is our service so much less?

Because we don’t want to overburden a new business with exorbitant fees, meaning we only charge the minimum needed to provide you a high-quality professional service. We want your business to succeed so we can maintain a successful relationship with you for years to come!

The Most
Affordable & Comprehensive
Registered Agent Service

A Registered Agent, Inc provides Delaware registered agent service that includes:

Delaware Business Address

We list our address on your public filings. Giving you maximum privacy protection. We own our building which means the address we provide your business is stable and permanent.

Annual Compliance Monitoring

We help ensure your business stays in good standing with the State of Delaware

Virtual Mail Forwarding

Let us sort through the junk mail while uploading important documents immediately to your secure online account

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Virtual Office With A Unique Address

Have a unique physical & prestigious address right here in Dover, Delaware that allows your business to maintain a consistent image. You can use your unique address on business cards, website and email to increase trust in potential clients as opposed to just your home address.

We also provide a non-binding lease which provides your business proof of establishment. This can be useful for opening a business bank account and other crucial services needed for your business to grow successfully.

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Protect Your Privacy

We never sell your personal data.

National filing services frequently sell your information to third party marketers on top of overcharging you for Registered Agent services. This will lead to you having an inbox and voicemail full of spam.

Maybe it makes us a bit old fashioned, but we think some things are sacred and should remain private (like your home address!).

Personal information should stay personal.

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We Pride Ourselves On Providing Fast, Secure & The Most Inexpensive Registered Agent Service In Delaware

Hire real Delaware locals who know best how to make sure your business succeeds at a much more affordable rate. As a local company, we care about local businesses and want to put them into a position to succeed. We believe high quality customer service requires real people, don’t get stuck talking to bots when you have important questions about your business.

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